It is a method of treatment applied when the nerve in the internal part of the tooth, such as bruising or trauma, has been damaged or died to such an extent that it cannot heal.

It is the removal of the nerves in the tooth of shaping the channels in the root of the teeth and purifying them from the microorganisms, and then filling in the expanded channels. Then restorations such as fillings, porcelain crowns inlay that your physician deems appropriate for the loss of material to the upper part of the tooth are performed and the tooth is aesthetically and functionally sustained

Why Do We Do Root Canal Therapy?

It is done to ensure that all the infected teeth are cleaned and that they remain in the mouth for a long period of time, the teeth in the inflamed bad condition, which may be lost due to bruising or trauma, are made to prevent more advanced treatments which can be caused by tooth loss, both materially and spiritually

ABy performing a canal treatment in the mouth, the remaining tooth will continue to help you chew it as a dead tooth but at least your own tooth in that area, so that the bone in that area will remain active and prevent the jelly bones from melting.

When Should You Do Root Canal Therapy ?
  • For a damage to the tooth or the jaw
  • For Physical Irritation Caused by Deep Caries
  • For Advanced Tooth Diseases
  • For High Filling, Fully Adjusted Filling And Prosthetic Structures
  • For Improper Orthodontic Treatment


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