Today, thanks to scientific and technological advances contributing to the science of dentistry, it is aimed primarily to treat and keep our teeth, but in some cases tooth extraction is applied due to patient health protection or treatment planning.

  • At a later stage, teeth that can not be rescued by treatment due to caries and substance loss.
  • Tooth that breaks in such a way that no treatment is possible.
  • Unrecoverable abscesses despite canal treatment.
  • At a later stage teeth swinging due to gum inflammation.
  • Milk teeth that do not fall in time.
  • Teeth that cause problems due to excessive position change (rotation, tipping, etc.)
  • The teeth in the cyst or tumor.
  • Fully irregular (buried) and problematic teeth
  • In order to help with orthodontic treatment due to the narrowness of the ground, some teeth may be pulled if it is smooth.


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