Milk teeth usually start to appear at six months of age. At approximately 3 years of age, the application of milk teeth is completed. In this period, there are 20 dairy teeth in the mouth. Milk teeth are more susceptible to wear and tear due to structural differences.

When they reach 6 years of age, the teeth of the daughters start to leave their places to the permanent teeth. This situation continues until the average age of 13 years. This period between the ages of 6 and 13, when both the teeth of the milk and the permanent teeth are in the mouth, is called the mixed dentition period. In this period, the bruises present in the teeth of the dairy, negatively affect the health of the new permanent teeth.

Treatment services:

Our clinic provides services to patients between 0-15 years old.

  • Treatment of dental caries in dairy teeth and permanent teeth,
  • Protective dentistry applications which are considered suitable for the management of oral and dental health,
  • Diagnosis and treatment of oral diseases that may occur in infants, children or adolescents,
  • Dental treatments under general anesthesia or sedation,
  • Emergency interventions of trauma cases in the mouth, teeth and chin area,


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