Post Sedation

Drugs used in sedation are anesthetic drugs, with low doses. For this reason, when the procedure is completed, the patient is kept under observation until the effect of the drugs is over. Patients who are awake and full of orientation are sent home if there is no problem with their vital functions (heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation).

In patients whose mental status is initially impaired (mental retardation, Alzheimer's, etc.), it is expected that the patient will return to the initial stage rather than being completely alert. Your doctor will tell you how long you can eat after the sedative. Usually after a few hours you can start to feed with small amounts of soft-bodied food.

When the patient is being sent home, he or she must be accompanied by an adult. Patients with sedation or general anesthesia should be warned not to drink alcohol, use cars and work machines, stay away from drill-cutting appliances, and not sign any documents for 24 hours after the procedure. If you use drugs every day, continue to use the drugs at the same level.

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