Post-Implant Operation

Blood clots should be formed in the wound area in order for the hemostasis and wound healing to be healthy. Do not rinse your mouth for the first 2 hours and do not spit. After the surgical procedure, bite the buffer placed in the region for 30-45 minutes. There is no problem in swallowing your blood, if you have swallowed too much, you will normally see your large toilet in dark color, do not worry. If the PRF is closed, do not bite the bumper and you will not have a bleeding problem.

Do not smoke:

Along with other known damages, smoking affects wound healing negatively and causes serious problems. Do not smoke at least the first 2 days.Although we don’t recommend it and you smoke a cigarette, after the cigarette, absolutely rinse your mouth and brush your teeth.


2 days after implant treatment eat mashed potato, yoghurt, banana, ice cream, non-grain soup, etc. nourish, soft, and warm foods. Especially the first two days do not eat hot food. Do not take a hot bath, do not go to a traditional Turkish bath place (hamam) and saunas. Do not use your teeth that are close to the operating area to chew. Drink plenty of water. Especially use a glass of water, shaking it up to cleanse your mouth after you have eaten something. Avoid drinking gaseous, acidic drinks such as alcohol and cola. Stay away from very hot drinks for 4-5 days, these drinks can burn up your wound area and prolong the healing period. Be careful to eat well. If your doctor suggests a dietary program, consider the schedule in the appropriate department or the program that we have specified specifically for you.

Oral Care:

Brush your teeth except the surgery area as usual and use dental floss for faster healing of the wound. Brush your teeth in the surgery area more gently with gentle strokes. From the day after the surgery, apply the gargle prescription given to you after the meal. If temporary coating is done, try not to clean the teeth with toothpicks because it will cause the coating to come out of place. Instead you can use dental floss. Do not push too hard when it is hard to get your dental floss into space. One of the best ways to clear the teeth is to use one of the devices known as 'oral shower' (eg Oralb-Oxyjet). These devices pressurize the water and air and mix them in between the teeth.


Stitches may have been placed during your surgery. Your stitches will be taken after 1 week. On these surfaces, cleansing the areas with a soft glow with your tongue for bacteria accumulation and using your gargle will positively affect the healing process and reduce the risk of infection.

Drug Use:

It is extremely important that you regularly use prescription medicines written by your doctor, as mentioned. You should not use more painkillers from the prescribed dose. If your doctor does not say anything else, you do not have to use painkillers if you do not have pain from the second day.

Do not interrupt treatment after temporary prosthesis:

If a temporary prosthesis is made, you can begin to meet your daily needs easily by adjusting the temporary prosthesis. However, it should not be forgotten that this prosthesis is not very intact, it can be easily broken and your teeth may be damaged. It is extremely important for your mouth and dental health to make permanent prosthesis within the time stated by your physician.

Problems that may occur after implant treatment:

Bleeding after implant treatment:

Do not use blood thinners for the first 48 hours. There may be little bleeding (leak) during the first 48 hours after surgery and this is normal. Using a high pillow will reduce the risk of bleeding. Especially in the first days, do not bend your head downward too much (for example, while tying shoes). Warm bathing and excessive effort can increase bleeding. If bleeding is excessive, apply pressure for 30 minutes with sterile gas buffer for the second time. If bleeding continues, contact our clinic. There is no bleeding problem in PRF applications to our clinic.

Pain after implant treatment:

Your first week may be painful. For this purpose, use your prescribed medication in accordance with your doctor’s recommendations. Your pain will decrease in a week. If you are using medications and your aches after 3 rd day, call us by phone.

Bump after implant treatment:

Swelling (edema) may occur within the operating area, cheek, lip and neck region within 3 days after surgery. After this time, the swelling should gradually decrease and disappear. Applying the ice bucket in the face for 6 hours after surgery may prevent swelling in some measure. For this, place ice in a bag that does not contain water, wrap the towel for 15 minutes, then take it off for 5 minutes. On the second day after the operation, do not perform any application. From the third day you can apply hot pad.

Bruise after implant treatment:

Bleeding can occur in the subcutaneous tissues adjacent to the surgical area, resulting in a bruise on your skin. This is not dangerous. It does not increase pain and is not an indication of an infection. It will disappear in 7-10 days. Otherwise, contact us.

Restriction in mouth openness:

You will have difficulty in opening your mouth in the 2nd and 3rd days after surgery. This is directly related to the size of the resulting oedema. The restriction on opening the mouth will be lifted in 7-10 days. After the second day, putting a hot water bag on your face and applying opening-closing exercises of the mouth will be effective in reducing your oedema.

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