After Tooth Extraction

There are a few things to keep in mind in order for the patient to avoid infection after the tooth extraction and to avoid the pain and discomfort of the patient:

Following tooth extraction:

  • The sterile gauze pad placed for clot formation should be kept in the mouth for half an hour. This tampon is pressed against the wound. The bumper should not be chewed, must be firmly bitten and then discarded.
  • The wound should not be dirty or tampered with foreign bodies. Otherwise, pain or bleeding may develop.
  • The patient should avoid talking as much as possible 2-3 hours after tooth extraction.
  • The mouth should not be shaken on the day of tooth extraction and should not be spitted as much as possible. Or bleeding can increase and the clot can move.
  • Immediately after the operation, a cold buffer (ice) is applied from outside to the region where the shot is taken and the swelling of the face is prevented. The application follows these steps: 10 minutes cold buffer - 5 minutes interval - again 10 minutes cold buffer period. The longer this treatment is continued, the less likely it is to swell and choke. Bleeding may continue as a leak.
  • However, if it continues more intensively, a bag of tea kept in warm water for some time can be put into the wound and bite for 1 hour. In prolonged bleeding, the patient should go to the clinic without any time in the case of light red colored bleeds, blood in the form of large clots from the mouth.
  • If hemorrhage occurs, putting cotton in the area will disrupt wound healing and increase the bleeding when the cotton is taken back, so cotton should not be put in place of the wound.
  • During the first 24 hours, chewing should not be done with the side of the tooth being pulled.
  • You should not drink anything using the pipette for the first 24 hours. This suction action disrupts the clot at the wound site.
  • Smoking for the first 24 hours and alcohol for the first 72 hours should be avoided.
  • After the first 24 hours, you should gargle with warm salty water every 2 hours or gargle that your doctor will prescribe
  • The salt water mixture is prepared by boiling 1 cup and putting 1 teaspoon of salt in hot water which can be taken from the mouth.
  • The next day after the tooth extraction, you should start brushing your teeth with a soft toothbrush and keep your mouth clean and hygienic at the highest level.
  • During the first 5 days, spicy, bitter, sour, sweet, very hot and very cold food should be avoided.
  • If the swelling in the face becomes excessive, if there are difficulties in opening and closing the mouth, a hot pad can be applied to the face in consultation with the doctor.
  • If the physician wrote the drug after taking the shot, they should be observed for their use hours and care should be taken for proper use until the box is finished. Drug use after each tooth extraction is not necessary. Doctors should not be insistent if they do not prescribe medicine.

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