After Gingival Operation

After periodontal surgery, there are certain rules that the patient should pay attention to:

  • Nothing should be eaten and drunk until after the drowsiness after the surgical procedure.
  • Within the first 24 hours after the operation, the hot food and beverages should be avoided and the chewing should be done with the area not involved in the operation
  • Smoking is not allowed on the day of surgery and following surgery.
  • For 2 weeks following surgery, prostheses should be used as little as possible.
  • Pat placed in the surgical area is intended to make you comfortable and to protect the wound area from irritation. Pain relief facilitates wound healing and allows you to continue your activities with ease.
  • The lip and the sidewall should not be removed to look at the stitches in the operated region.
  • The ice should be applied from the outside on the first day to prevent swelling in the operation area.
  • For post-operative healing, the prescription written by your doctor should be followed. If you have pain after surgery you can get painkillers. In this case, aspirin or similar salicylic acid derivative drugs should not be taken.
  • Normal scrubbing operations may be applied to areas that are not operated.
  • After dinner, the mouth should be shaken.

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