After Composite Filling

Do not eat while under the influence of anesthesia:

In our clinic, composite (light-white) fillings are generally made. These fillings reach the hardness that the patient can eat from the moment they are made. There is no inconvenience to eat right away in terms of filling. However, local anesthesia (numbness) is generally applied during filling, and you should not be eating because of the possibility that soft tissues such as tongue, lip, cheek may be bitten and damaged. Excessive cold and hot drinks should be avoided at the same time as it can harm soft tissues. If there is no local anesthesia, there is no extra restriction in the composite (white) pads from the moment you go out.

Do not bite your teeth, your mouth and your tongue while under anesthesia:

To check if the numbness passed after checking dental fillings you never bite your lip as if gently with your teeth or tongue. This bite force, which comes to you lightly, may actually be much larger than you think, and the negative result may be understood after the drowsiness has passed. You can test the drowsiness by touching your lips with your finger. In general, anesthesia is effective in 3 hours after upper jaw operations. The lower jaw can last up to 5-6 hours in the posterior group of teeth when this numbness passes. These time periods vary from person to person.

Do not use your tooth for very hard objects:

You can eat everything you can eat with your filled tooth just like your normal tooth. Avoid extraordinary forces such as breaking the unopened crust of hazelnut or pistachio nuts, crushing unbreakable corn, trying to open any bottle lid. These forces, which you can not even apply to your natural teeth, can cause serious damage to your tooth-filled teeth.

Do not eat for 2 hours in amalgam fill and watch out for had foods for 24 hours:

Although the use of amalgam (silver-metal) toothpaste is greatly reduced, it is still a non-alternative and safe type of filling in some special cases. In our clinic, more than 99 percent of the composite fillings can be made and amalgam fillings can be made in rare cases where the composite can not be successful. Amalgam fillings reach food eating hardness in 2 hours and the final hardness in 24 hours. For this reason, if your mouth is filled with amalgam fill, you can not eat anything for 2 hours, you need to eat with the other half of the jaw for 24 hours if you want to eat hard food. You can not eat because you can damage soft tissues like tongue, cheek, lips until the drowsiness is over and you should not drink too cold and hot drinks.

Do not neglect your oral care:

You can brush your teeth regularly immediately after the filling has set. you can use dental floss, mouth wash and interface brush.


Cold-Hot Sensitivity:

It is normal to have cold and warm sensitivity for up to 3 weeks if the tooth has a very close filling to the nerve. Sensitivity will gradually decrease and pass within 3 weeks. If not, contact your doctor.

Pain in the filling:

Within the first 12 hours after the tooth filling is done, you can use the pain relievers recommended by the physician for both the tooth and the pain caused by the operated tooth. If you still need to use pain relief from the day after the filling, you probably will need root canal treatment.Contact your doctor.

Pain because of a pressure on your teeth:

If you have pain with your mouth closed or pressure on your teeth do not use the affected area and consult your physician immediately. Overhangs / heights in filling that are not noticeable due to drowsiness can cause such pain. The problem may grow if it is not immediately intervened. Such problems can be solved with very little abrasion without the need for the teeth to be numbed.

In close proximity to nerves, this kind of pressure may require a period of 4-6 weeks to pass. If pressure pain is gradually diminishing in this process, possibly root canal treatment will be required.

If the filling is stuck or uncomfortable with your tongue:

After dental filling, the filling is polished so that the filling is long-lasting and you can adapt to your filling more easily. Even if it is polished, it may feel a bit weird for a week or two weeks. If you still feel weird after 2 weeks of treatment, or if you are unfamiliar with the feeling, contact your doctor. The problem can be solved with a little sanding and extra polishing without any need for numbing.

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